Sunday, June 26, 2011

In progress panels from my book

I've not posted anything in a while because I've been super busy with life in general. I have been working on multiple art projects though. This is a work in progress pic of one of my bigger projects, a graphic novel I am writing, illustrating, designing and producing all myself.

yes, I'm a little ambitious when it comes to my art projects.

Batman sculpt in progress

Batman sculpt cast in resin and coated lightly with a grey spray primer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Batman sculpt in progress

Rough start of some batarangs for the Dark Knight to hurl at the bad guys. I intend to do three of them that will be held between his fingers.

Batman sculpt in progress

The Batman cape lives! I was able to get a decent casting in resin. It took a lot of patch work, cleaning and sanding to bring it up to a quality level but it looks good. It should look better primed and awesome painted. very cool.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Batman sculpt in progress

......Extracting the green Castilene cape sculpture did not go so smoothly.  The cape was destroyed as it proved to delicate to pull out in one piece. The undercuts were too deep, the cape too thin and fragile overall and I pulverized it. It was crushed, I was literally pouring Castilene dust out of the mold. super sad bummer time.

However, there is still hope for a decent casting of this problem child.....we shall see.

Batman sculpt in progress

After the rubber dried I extracted the green Castilene sculpture of the batman cape. You can see in this pic what the inside of the mold kinda looks like. The sculpt should slip in and out of the rubber like a hand from a glove........

Batman sculpt in progress

Pictured here is the Batman cape covered in another layer of brush-on rubber and the surrounding support mold. One thing to be concerned with when doing a brush-on mold is that it needs support or the material poured into it can cause the thin rubber to ballon out like putting water into a rubber glove.

I make a support out of a paste that dries to a hard plastic.  This gets sandwiched around the thin rubber mold. The mold itself should be able to stretch like a rubber glove to slide off my original green Castilene sculpture. I can then use the support shell to hold up the thin rubber mold and pour in a liquid resin for my final copy. super cool fun time!